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Every week, Mr. Spice and I hand select brand new adult movie titles to add to the Couples Porn Library. Variety is the spice of life and our goal is to serve you the very best selection of the best porn being produced today!

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Studios that Raise the Bar:

The Submission of Emma Marx - beautiful female friendly porn for couples

The Submission of Emma Marx

Check out Popular Porn for Couples, where you can find The Submission of Emma Marx and more beautifully produced porn to watch instantly.

Unleash your voyeuristic fantasies with A Hotwife Blindfolded, recently added to New Releases in Couples Porn

A Hotwife Blindfolded

Unleash your voyeuristic fantasies with A Hotwife Blindfolded, recently added to New Releases in Couples Porn

Aftermath in feature length plot based porn for couples


Do you enjoy having a storyline to the porn you watch? Aftermath is full feature length with a wicked plot that I’m sure you’ll get into. Find this, and others like it in Features and Fantasies

A Recipe for Romance

Looking for something with a little romance to it? Watch A Recipe for Romance. You’ll find this, and a variety of beautiful porn that’s produced with a woman’s needs in mind, in the Female Friendly Porn section.

BDSM for Beginners

Ever feel like exploring the boundaries? BDSM for Beginners makes learning sexy with hands on adult sex education. Check out Instructional Porn for Couples for more like this

Married Women

Married Women explores sexual fantasies, such as bondage, voyeurism and submission, while keeping the focus on artful direction of the scene. Find more like this in All Sex Couples Porn


Art is one of the many beautiful all-girl porn videos available in Lesbian Porn for Couples


Restraint explores sensual bondage in several erotic scenarios. Find more like this in Kinky Porn for Couples

Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled 4 group sex for couples

Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled 4

Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled 4 has five scenes of sensually erotic threesomes for you to enjoy. Find this and others like it in Group Sex

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Passionate couples, Plot based porn, Threesomes, Fantasies, BDSM, All girl sex

Explore the library and find well produced, beautiful porn for every taste. All of the sexy minus the sleazy.

You will love browsing the sexiest adult movies available without having to waste your time (or spoil the mood) weeding through the garbage of the massive free porn mega-tube sites. Updated weekly, We hand select a wide variety of only the most beautiful porn for selective couples. With instant streaming and low rental rates and no membership required, you can finally have it all! You wanna watch a sexy movie? Lets go!

If you hate trying to choose from countless options or you just want to narrow it down to the absolute hottest adult movies, check out Audrey’s Hot List, in the Popular Porn for Couples Gallery. Out of the thousands of porn titles released every month, I give you the top ten highest rated new releases. This makes your chances of finding an amazingly sexy movie damn near guaranteed!

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Click here to browse adult movies with a cinematic “real movie” feel. You’ll find the absolute best, feature length, plot-based porn. If you enjoy watching adult movies that give you a storyline to get into, as well as the hot sex scenes, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here!

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If you’re looking for realistic sex scenes, real orgasms, equally attractive couples and passionate sex scenes that are intimate and erotic, this is the place for you. Feminist porn is a perfect choice for those nights you want to cuddle up, together, with a sexy movie. 

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Porn that is more graphic in nature. You will also find selections of Group Sex/Kinky/Porn Stars. While most of the titles in the Couples Porn Library are XXX, the hardcore porn for couples gallery features lots of close up shots for that “in your face” action.  The sex is rougher and messier and more likely to feature scenes with anal, squirting, gang bangs, orgy, facials and cumshots.


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If girl on girl is what turns you on, you should check out these all girl titles. You’ll find a variety of styles, from features to all sex, in the Lesbian porn category. You can also check out the Bisexual/Gay sub-section, here.

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Want couples porn that gets straight to the point, without all of the acting and story lines? You will have to check out the All Sex- Porn for Couples Library. You’ll find the hottest POV, gonzo and compilations that are being produced today!


Browse more all sex titles like these in the Porn for Couples Library

 Learning is sexy! Why not explore something new, as a couple, with one of these “how to” adult sex education videos from the leading sex experts. The possibilities are endless and who knows, you may find out something new and exciting.

Browse more educational titles like these in the Porn for Couples Library


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